Muslims throughout the world are waiting for Ramadan which is just a week later. The month comes with a lot of blessing and bounties of ALLAH. For every Muslim, this month has lessons as well as teaches them sacrifice.

The best thing about Ramadan is that Muslims fast for the whole month. They don’t eat anything and remain hungry for the day. They get to eat after evening at a certain time.

Making food and enjoying the best dishes has always remained the favorite thing for Muslims in Ramadan. They need new ideas for Iftar and Sehri. But here we are going to talk about some of the new and the best Iftar ideas for Ramadan.

When it comes to Ramadan Iftar ideas, there are a lot of options. One way is to do Iftar with friends and the other is to do it with the family. For friends, there are further ideas like having Iftar at a restaurant, a park, at the residence of a friend or any other place.

For Ramadan Iftar with family, you will have to do it at home because of the veil restrictions and limited movement of women. So for making your Iftar more exciting, all you need is to have some fantastic meal ideas.

What to Eat and What to Avoid on Ramadan Iftar 2019?

Muslims keep the fast in morning and break it at evening. They need to be careful while they eat at morning because they will need energy throughout the day. Some food recipes can make them feel hungry during the day while others keep them fill for the whole day.

According to the dietitians, the food for breaking fast should contain proteins, fats as well as carbs. As you have been for the whole day, the purpose is to replenish and rehydrate. For praying Tarawis, you will need energy and these are the best options to boost energy.

Some other foods like caffeine and sugar will make you feel sluggish and increase your appetite the next day. Thus, it is better to keep such foods at arm’s length. Moreover, samos and pakoras also make you lazy as they are oil rich.

Below are few amazing Ramadan Iftar ideas that will make your Iftar more interesting.

  1. Vegetable Samosas

This is a very decent and healthy option for anyone. You should bake samosas instead of frying them.

  1. Date and Banana Smoothie

It is a perfect idea for Ramadan Iftar in warm month. You can also add almond milk or yogurt for better taste.

  1. Turkey Chili

People have tried this and they recommend it as a Ramadan Iftar option. It will not put you to sleep.

  1. Mediterranean Beet Salad

It is a great Iftar idea for people who want to boost their energy.

  1. Baked Vegetable-Dense Pakora

Vegetable pakoras are healthy. You should bake them instead of using the traditional frying method. Freezer for later use as well.

  1. Lentil Soup

Here comes a great recipe for the people who want to build muscles and keep their energy level high.

  1. Mac and Cheese

For kids and teens, this is a far better option than buying KFC chicken.

  1. Baked Atayef

The Arabic pancakes will keep your taste better after Iftar. They are sweet and tasty.

  1. Salmon with Green Beans

Rich in protein and fast, one-pan salmon and green beans make a perfect Iftar recipe. You will stay rehydrated throughout the night.

  1. Stuffed Grape Leaves

If you want to keep it simple, this is an ideal option for everyone around the world. It is healthy and is easy to prepare.